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In the world of business, a dataset that is of great interest but equally hard to obtain is the location of all your competitors. This short tutorial will guide you on how to scrape location data from a yellow-pages-like website.

Other applications to this code are if you want to know where is a good idea to open a new store or create a list of company leads if you are in sales.

We will be using the selenium library in python, and please note that this is not meant to be a 101 on how to web scrape.

Where are all the Pizzerias?


This aims to be a short tutorial to solve a very specific problem. If you have a folder full of pdfs, and you want to know all the pdfs that contain a certain word/sentence within seconds, then this blog should help you.

In my case, the problem is that the accounting department often processes some invoices incorrectly. Luckily for me, the wrong invoices can be found by simply finding the invoices that contain certain words. However, doing this by hand would be a very painful task, as there are hundreds of invoices.

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Why my solution may be relevant to you…

Luis Garcia Fuentes

Data analyst in Amsterdam

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